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Choosing the right Personal Trainer is vital, because you are entrusting your body to that person. If they’re out of shape — then how can you expect them to get you into great shape? Do they walk the walk and talk the talk and practice what they preach? Are they passionate about health?

I’m a busy father of two energetic children, with not a lot of time on my hands. I only train myself three times a week, and keep busy in-between. I’m in my late 40s, and in THE BEST SHAPE of my life — so it’s never too late. Some of my training clients are in their 50s, and are now feeling stronger and more flexible than ever.

Everyone needs a fitness coach and continual professional development, including me. You should always choose a trainer that frequently expands their fitness knowledge and expertise. Going it alone, always leads to slower results than having a fitness coach to advise you of the quickest way.

For those interested in Calisthenics (gymnastic style strength training), I’m the only qualified instructor in Oxted, and for many miles beyond. Calisthenics workouts incorporate functional strength movements and flexibility.

With women I focus mainly on the training used by professional bikini models, to create a strong, shapely figure. However, if you’ve had a baby in the last year, then more of the focus will be on re-strengthening your body to get it back to “normal” function.

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George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity — Oxted, Surrey

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Primal Health Coach“Reprogram Your Genes for Vibrant Health, Boundless Energy, and Weight Loss”

When you’re looking to make major health changes—from losing weight, to addressing chronic conditions; transforming your fitness, to recharging your vitality—it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know how to start.

This is where a health coach can make all the difference. With the expert guidance and personal support of a coach, you can make the most powerful investment in your health.

Click here to find out more about Primal Health Coaching.


Personal Training sessions are interchangeable with Primal Health Coaching sessions.

You can share the session with another person such as your partner or friend, for an additional fee

All sessions are held at my private indoor and outdoor facilities in central Oxted, Surrey:
Old Barn Cottage, 3 Court Farm Lane, Oxted, Surrey RH8 9NZ, United Kingdom.

A one-off getting to know youtrial session is £40.

£315/ 4 weeks
2 Sessions a Week
  • 2 x 1 Hour Sessions / Week
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£390/ 4 weeks
3 Sessions a Week
  • 3 x 1 Hour Sessions / Week
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Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?
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The Gymnacity® ELITE SQUAD is a small group of intermediate level students, training to become exceptional women.

Due to the advancement of the trainees from week to week, it is a closed group, and not open to beginners.

Please contact me if you would like to join the waiting list.

We train mostly outside with equipment, and on the outdoor training rig.


Adults:  £50 in advance (£10 a session).

9.15 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Location: Oxted, Surrey, UK.


George coaches and empowers clients on how to change behavioural patterns, to better support living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about a short-term fix, but building and maintaining a healthier body as you age.

"Thank you so much for my session this morning I loved it and I almost feel human again. Can’t wait to try the recipe. You are so kind and you enhance my life. Thank you so much."
Berni, from OxtedYou enhance my life
"After visiting the gym on and off for the past few years and doing the normal “month of enjoyment and month of excuses!“ I decided to start training with George on Calisthenics. After looking at this, I thought there is no way I can do this but every exercise you do is building up to another which give it a flow and enjoyment I have not had in any other fitness regime. I now look forward to our sessions and look to achieve each week – could not recommend it enough."
Ben, from OxtedCalisthenics - could not recommend it enough
“I have seen positive improvements in my strength and physique whilst working out with George and would highly recommend him”
Alisha, from OxtedI can now do 12 strict push ups
"I like that George takes the time to explain the exercise in detail to ensure my technique is perfect. I have been amazed and thrilled with how many inches I have lost [for my wedding day]."
Testimonial - Lauren
Lauren, from OxtedDropped to a size 10
"I joined Gymnacity to get fit so I can join in the more active activities my daughter now does. With the support and encouragement from attending resistance training classes run by George, I am achieving this goal as well as losing weight! Well over 2 stone and counting…"
Testimonial Lisa
Lisa, from OxtedI'm so happy. Thank you.
"It was great to train again this morning with Gymnacity, it's such a good way to start the day!"
Heather, from Crockham Hill
"I never thought I'd be able to get back down to my wedding weight again," said Sarah. "I've not only achieved that, but smashed past it to the lightest I've ever been!"
Testimonial - Sarah
Sarah, from OxtedLost over 4 stone
"I began going to the Gymnacity classes when I was two months postnatal and George was very helpful and knowledgeable at adapting certain exercises for me and closely monitoring my progress. If you are after a quick, productive, fun class where you can bring your kids (or not!) then the Gymnacity class is for you."
Kirsty, from OxtedYou can bring your kids
"George has been an inspiration and so supportive. I’ve now lost a total of 3 stone"
Testimonial - Jo
Jo, from East GrinsteadLost 3 stone
“I am really noticing the changes to my body and increased strength. Thanks George, I feel proud and empowered.”
Jessie Testimonial
Jessie, from Oxted
"It's so refreshing to walk to my wardrobe and know that I'll most likely get into anything I pull out; a whole section of clothes I'd resigned to giving up on are available again."
Testimonial - Emma
Emma, from OxtedLost over 2 Stone
“I only learned how to do proper press ups since starting this class…I had no idea how to do them properly before! Thanks you George for the encouragement and great teaching :-) “
Testimonial Niamh
NiamhI can do push ups now
"After many attempts at ‘going it alone’, I realise that I need the support and encouragement training with George brings."
Hannah, from OxtedLost over 2 stone
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George D. Choy
Personal Trainer

Gymnacity LLP
Old Barn Cottage
3 Court Farm Lane
Oxted, Surrey RH8 9NZ
United Kingdom

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am to 7pm

Tel: 07917 35 00 79


Please contact me to get started.


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